Two days, 60 speakers and an enthusiastic audience of over 350 participants: The SHARE Bucharest 2022 story

Together, we created a fantastic story! Over 60 speakers shared an integrated vision of planning, architecture, and cutting-edge facade technologies over the course of the two days of the SHARE Forum Bucharest 2022, along with game-changing ideas and inspirational projects from Romania and 14 other nations. The event brought together over 350 participants: architects, construction engineers, façade engineers, installation engineers, fire safety experts, contractors, real estate developers, urban developers, suppliers of building materials and technologies, as well as representatives of central and local government.

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The SHARE Bucharest 2022 Forum brought an integrated vision of innovative façade design, planning and technologies, along with transformative concepts and inspirational projects from Romania and 14 other countries.

The International Forum of Architecture and Construction Engineering, SHARE Bucharest 2022, the most important and eagerly awaited annual event in Romania, took place on 31 October and 1 November. It brought together leaders of architecture from Romania and abroad, as well as professionals in related fields. With more than 350 participants, the event was an opportunity for the most representative players in the field of architecture and construction to meet at the highest level.

The SHARE Bucharest 2022 programme covered many topics of interest, in line with society’s current concerns to create urban spaces and buildings capable of meeting climate challenges. Speakers from Romania, Austria, England, Albania, Bulgaria, Italy, Iran, North Macedonia, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, Greece and Luxembourg took to the stage during the two-day event. Major urban development projects were presented, with “Sustainable Façades: Design and Technology”, “Façades and the Impact on Public Space” and “Major Urban Development Projects in Romania and Internationally” being the main topics. The event took place at the Radisson Blu Hotel Bucharest.

With a pronounced international character, the SHARE Forum has once again created a professional, inspiring and educational environment for specialists in the field of architecture and construction. The event brought together architects, structural engineers, façade engineers, installation engineers, fire safety experts, contractors, real estate developers, urban developers, suppliers of building materials and technologies, as well as representatives of central and local government. The structure of the audience was composed of 55.62% – architects; 16.41% – engineers; 12.16% – IGSU( Romanian General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations) representatives; 15.81% – top and middle management representatives of companies supplying building materials and technologies to the construction industry and real estate developers;

The 2022 edition of the SHARE Forum brought some new features through satellite events that complement the training experiences, with a focus on a series of technical presentations and exhibition of materials. Thus, on the first day of the forum (31 October), dedicated to the generic theme “Sustainable Façades: Design and Technology”, two sessions were held: RIFF – Facade Design & Technology for Fire Safety in Buildings and LAUD – Façade and Landscape Design Addresses Climate Change. The programme for 31 October can be found at this link: SHARE Forum first day agenda

The second day of the forum, dedicated to transformative concepts and inspirational projects, brought Romanian architects and guests from 14 countries to the forum stage.The themes of the day were “Façades and their impact on public space” and “Major urban development projects in Romania and internationally”.  The programme of the 1st of November can be consulted at this link: SHARE Forum agenda day 2.

SHARE Bucharest 2022 was organized by SHARE Architects in partnership with The Romanian Order of Architects (OAR), OAR Bucharest Branch, AIIR – Romanian Association for Installations Engineers, the Romanian General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations and was supported by the companies Șișecam, Zumtobel, Alumil, Proventuss Solutions, Henkel, Aluprof, Equitone, Simacek, Hilti, Kadra, Rockwool, Vandersanden, Caparol, Velux Commercial, WeMat, X Architecture & Engineering, Quadratum Architecture, Mobexpert.


The first day started with the official opening, during which Florin Mindirigiu, the founder of SHARE Architects, sent some warm words to the speakers and participants.

In keeping with the current concerns of society to create spaces and buildings capable of facing the challenges represented by climate change, wars, economic crises, water, and energy security, the first day program was dedicated to technical presentations and debates on topics of interest regarding fire protection, resilience, and human security.

Plenary Session #1 – Facade Design & Technology for Fire Safety in Buildings

The first presentation was given by arch. Anca GINAVAR – General Director of the General Directorate of Territorial Development – Ministry of Development, Public Works and Administration. She have spoken behalf of the ministry she represented in an official presentation about the laws that govern urban development projects, including those that pertain to their safety from fires and other risks.

First panel of case studies

The moderator Eng. Dragoș MARCU, CEO, Partner Popp & Asociații, Honorary President AICPS (Romanian Association of Structural Design Engineers) had as guests Karoly NEMES, Leading Architect Graphic Studio; Cristian HOLBAN, Project Verifier, Technical Expert, Fire Safety Consultant in Construction and Installations; Constantin CIUREA, Founder Arhitect Service Case studies of the projects were presented: Steaua Stadium Bucharest and Equilibrium Office Bucharest.

Lieutenant drd. architect Bogdan Braescu, “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism presented The fire risk management of the built heritage, a sub-branch that follows the general matrix of disaster risk management, which contains three phases, obvious but crucial due to the state of the affected subject: before, during, after the event. He described management principles, objectives, risks and causes of events that may occur.

Second panel of case studies

The moderator Eng. Dragoș MARCU, CEO, Partner Popp & Asociații, Honorary President AICPS (Romanian Association of Structural Design Engineers) had as guests Răzvan POPA, CEO Alusystem; Lilian CAPTARI, Founder URBAN OFFICE; Mihaela SIMA, STUDIO 10 M Zerva, Croitoru, Medvedovici Asociated Architects

Technical presentations

Ireneusz Budzowski, Export Technical Support Specialist Aluprof 

“Aluprof- Architectural Aluminum Fire Rated Systems”

Radu Vieru, CEO Proventuss Solutions

“Passive fire protection solutions and systems for ventilated facades and curtain walls”

Florin Popescu, Business Unit Director, ROCKWOOL Balkans

“Fire limitation on facades: CHALLENGES and SOLUTION”

Daniela Badea, ALUKÖNIGSTAHL Product Manager

“Facades with integrated design and fire protection”


Plenary Session #2 : Sustainable Facades: Design and Technologies for Resilience and Human Security

 The session was moderated by Șerban ȚIGĂNAȘ, Co-founder of Dico&Tiganas, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism Cluj-Napoca

 Guest speakers presentations

The second session started with the presentation of a very special guest. – Paolo Russo, Design Team Leader Architect, Stefano Boeri Architetti, Italy. He gave the audience precious details about Wonderwoods, a vegetated tower in Utrecht city center prizewinner of the best mixed-use project in Europe by the European Property Awards and winner of the MIPIM ‘Future Project of the Year’ 2019.

Flaviana Iuga, from EFdeN,  presented “EFdeN VATRA – 2 weeks of pre-fabrication for 3 days of assembly in Solar Decathlon Europe21/22“.

Raluca Șoaită, the founder of Tesseract gave an outstanding lecture. Tesseract Architecture is the only design studio in Romania specialized in the architecture of hospitals and medical clinics. Raluca Șoaita, the founder of Tesseract, has so far designed over 700,000 square meters of hospitals and clinics. He presented about 10 solutions by which hospitals can become safer. Among these 10 solutions are: improving alarm systems, creating an emergency management plan, reducing flammable materials, automatic extinguishing systems.

Șerban ȚIGĂNAȘ, Co-founder of Dico & Tiganas, presented the project of Integrated Transplant Center, Cluj-Napoca. He presented the technical details of the construction and the implementation stage.

Roxana LYONS, Design Team Leader Blue Projects, FORVIA project – production and storage hall – administrative body, Timisoara

Corina BRITZ, Lead Architect Globalworth, Dimitris PERGAMALIS, Global Head of Workspaces, Globalworth Tower Bucharest – project: Globalworth Tower Bucharest

Technical presentations

Todor FIDANOV, General manager for ETEM branches in Romania and Bulgaria

“Long Service Life Products”

Noemi KARÁCSONYI, CEO SIMACEK Facility Services, Romania

“Greening buildings: the future of cities?”

Andrei ISPAS, Project Manager Wemat

“Another side(s) of building architecture”



Plenary Session #3: DEBATES

The third session was dedicated to discussions and debates regarding the  Normative P118 “FIRE SAFETY OF BUILDINGS”.

The debate was moderated by Emil IVĂNESCU, President of OAR Bucharest and Eng. Ioan Silviu DOBOȘI, President of AIIR.

Invited to the debate were:

  • Anca-Ioana VOICULESCU – normative elaboration collective – technical coordinator in the field of architecture
  • Cristian ONOFREI – Coordinator of the Design Department for Resistance Structures SAIDEL Engineering
  • Daniela-Ioana TEODORESCU – Technical University of Constructions Bucharest; Standardization team – technical coordinator in the field of installation engineering
  • eng. Robert STRUGARIU – Head of Approval, Authorization and Regulations Service, IGSU
  • Radu SFINTEȘ – Founder RSBA
  • Cristian ERBAȘU – General Director of Erbașu Constructions; President of the Federation of Employers of Construction Companies (FPSC)
  • Ștefan DUNĂ – Dosetimpex Specialist
  •  Dragoș Marcu – Associate, General Manager Popp & Asociații, Bucharest; Honorary President of AICPS

An international debate

The fire safety of facades was also discussed by the invited international speakers:

  • Martin Panovski, Chief Architect, RADiUs architects doo Skopje, North Macedonia
  • Angeliki Athanasiadou, Founding Partner AVW Architecture, Greece
  • Bușra Al, Founder of PLUG Office, Turkey
  • Ervin Taçi,Co-founder DEA Studio, Albania
  • Marta Ilievska, Formika Plus, North Macedonia


The second day of the event has started with speeches of representatives, partners and friends of SHARE Architects:

  • Florin Mindirigiu, founder of SHARE Architects
  • Marian Moiceanu, Rector of  Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism
  • Ștefan Bâlici, president of OAR
  • Șerban Țigănaș, Co-founder of Dico & Tiganas, President of SHARE Architects Society, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism Cluj-Napoca

New prestigious members in SHARE Architects Society

 We were very delighted that 11 new top professionals have joined our beautiful and exclusive community on the occasion of SHARE Bucharest 2022 Forum. The SHARE Architects Society is an exclusive group within the SHARE Architects network that brings together 603 international leaders in the field of architecture from 42 countries.

It was a privilege for us to welcome:

  • Dusica Totic, Ceo&Founder Remorker Architects, Serbia
  • Marko KOROSE, Ceo&Founder Remorker Architects, Serbia
  • Sebastian Savescu, Fondator SAM Ideas, Iași, Romania
  • Angeliki Athanasiadou, Founding Partner AVW Architecture, Greece
  • Oliver Nemes, Founder DE3, Cluj Napoca, Romania
  • Francois Valentiny, Founder Valentiny hvp architects, Luxemburg
  • Dušan Sekulić, Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, Austria
  • Peter Murray, Curator-in-chief of New London Architecture, UK
  • Fuensanta NIETO, Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos, SPAIN
  • Radu Petru Nastase, Principal Architect And Founder Of Adest Architecture, Romania
  • Bartlomiej Kisielewsk, Partner Horizone Studio,Poland
  • Busra Al, Founder of PLUG Office, Turkey

Special guests presentations

Francois Valentiny, Founder Valentiny hvp architects, Luxembourg

Towards a pragmatic, yet poetic architecture was the title of his presentation. The projects he presented are DETAO China, REMERSCHEN Luxembourg, Office Building KPMG Bank, Office Building “Bijou”, Danube Private University, Bibliothèque universitaire “La Maison du Livre”, Teatro l’Occitane. For each he described the emotion behind the idea and how the sketches on paper came to life step by step. Valentiny stands for bold, almost futuristic designs with character. For him, architecture is a wonderful way to say goodbye to your own problems and to take care of the problems of other people.

Fuensanta Nieto, Co-founder Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos, Spain

MEANINGFUL SKINS.  Fuensanta Nieto spoke about several projects from his portfolio where the facade was a challenge, including the San Telmo Museum in San Sebastian or the ugly hospital in Bristol. Fuensanta Nieto has worked as an architect since graduating from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the Graduate School of Architecture and Planning at Columbia University in New York in 1983. She is a founding partner of Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos and was professor at the Universidad Europea de Madrid. Fuensanta Nieto lectures on architecture and participates in juries and symposia at various institutions around the world. From 1986 to 1991 she was co-director of the architectural journal ARQUITECTURA, published by the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid.

Peter Murray, Curator-in-chief of New London Architecture

Changing Face of London. Peter talked about new architecture in London over the last two decades and how the city is adapting to a post-COVID future and the need for more sustainable development. Peter Murray trained as an architect but has spent most of his career writing about and commenting on architecture rather than practising it. He studied at Bristol University and at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in Bedford Square. He edited the weekly newspaper for architects, Building Design, before moving on to the Royal Institute of British Architects Journal.

Plenary Session #1

The first session was moderated by Françoise Pamfil, architectural critic, professor at ”Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest

Guests speakers presentations

Angeliki Athanasiadou, Founding Partner AVW Architecture, Greece  

Face to face with public architecture is the title of Angeliki’s presentation. She presented  the ideas of the Surface and the Depth of three of her projects: South Winx Expansion Athens International Airport, Cultural Center of China in Athens, The Archive of Architecture of the 20th Century in Sicily. In 2018, AVW Architecture, in collaboration with Tombazis & Associates, designed the extension of the Athens International Airport and the Extra Schengen trade corridor, a project nominated for the EU Award – Mies Van Der Rohe Award 2022.

Oliver Nemeș, Founder DE3, Cluj Napoca, Romania

He presented three of DE3 Arhitectura projects: Hotel Oxygen, Hotel Privo, Rimanoczy Hotel. From 2016, DE3 Grup becomes DE3 ARCHITECTURE, with three founding partners: Oliver Nemeș, Zoltan Szoke and Laura Nemeș. Among the well-known and recognized projects in which he participated as a co-author are Hotel Privo in Târgu-Mureș and Tradecenter Oradea. In 2017, DE3 Architecture was invited and won the architectural competition for a mixed-use building in Obuda district, Budapest for Immochan Hungary Kft.

Dušan Sekulić, Delugan Meissl Associated Architects, Austria

MAIN ACT = NATURE. He spoke about the importance of sustainability and harmonizing architecture with the elements of nature. He presented numerous projects of the office in accordance with the theme of the presentation: Taiyuan Botanical Garden, Fengxian Future Space Shanghai, Resort Farsca Brac, H.o.m.e House 2021, Expo Cultural Park, Greenhouse Garden Shanghai, Eine Stadtin Österreich. DMAA is an internationally known Austrian architecture firm with portfolios including the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, the EYE Film Institute in Amsterdam and Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang in Seoul

Technical presentations

 Todor RACHEV, Brand Manager Architectural Lighting CEE Zumtobel 


Ana CĂLUȘARU – Customer Consultant Manager, ALUMIL România

“Building excellence through innovation and sustainability”

Florin BUCOVANU, EQUITONE Sales Manager ETEX Group

“Do you believe in the afterlife? Design sustainable façade with EQUITONE”

ŞEYMA ELÇIN, Architectural Projects Manager Şişecam

“The Transformation Shaping The Future”



Plenary Session #2

Guests speakers presentations

Sebastian Savescu, Founder SAM Ideas, Romania

The symbolization of the function through the geometric modeling of the facades is the title of his presentation. He talked about representing functionality by using the geometry of façades. Sebastian has over 15 years of experience, exploring various programs of architecture, always trying to have a pragmatic approch on architecture.

He have studied architecture in Iasi, with a master degree in architecture and another one in regional development, former teaxher in Iasi Architecture Faculty, current vice-president of OAR Iasi. With over 15 years of experience, SAM ideas is a local arxhitectural office, with over 500 completed projects in Iași and other significant cities in Romania.

Bartlomiej Kisielewski, Partner HORIZONE Studio, Poland

He presented two designs in the area of the old airfield in Krakow. The two projects he referred to are Museum of Polish Aviation in Krakow and Malopolska Centre of Science in Krakow.   Polish Aviation Museum recieved numerous awards including PLGBC Green Building Award, Bogdanowski Award for best building in Krakow or Cemex Building Award Grand Prix 2011. Bartlomiej Kisielewski is an architect with 25 years’ experience, focused on public space as well as on green building design.

Marko Korosec & Dusica Totic, Founding partner REMOKER Architects, Serbia

Old buildings, new faces. They talked about several projects in which they renovated the facades of imposing buildings. Among them are M44 business center in Belgrade, Kalemegdan business center in Belgrade and Bulevar 79 office building. RemorkerArchitects is architectural studio based in Belgrade. Working since 2014. in the field of architecture, engineering and interior design with passion and innovation. Studio is highly specialized in architectural and interior design, as well in design research and construction works supervision and management. We have skilled multidisciplinary team capable of getting the best solution for the project, regarding all received inputs and demands from the client. All members of the team are contributing with their own ideas, experience and skills for finding the best solutions.

Radu Petre Nastase, Fondator Adest Studio, Romania

He presented some of the large scale residential projects in  Bucharest: Dacia One,One Verdi Park, Novum Viilor, Marmura Residence, Baicului 51.  Radu-Petre Nastase is founding member of The Romanian National Order of Architects, member of The Romanian Urban Planners Register and of The French Order of Architects, Ile-de-France. Adest Architecture is a dynamic and efficient architectural firm that has been providing complete architectural design, masterplanning, landscaping and interior design services since 2000. The company is organized into several studios around different types of projects. Adest’s portfolio consists of residential, commercial,offices, industrial, healthcare and public projects.

Technical presentations

Dan Cojocaru, Sales Manager zona Sud Aliplast

“Architectural Building System Solutions”

Daniela Leonte, Project Manager Aluprof

“START- Let’s Build a Better Future!”

Radu Vieru, CEO Proventuss Solutions

“Composite Concrete, Limitless Concrete and Photovoltaic Ventilated Facades”

Stefan Simion, Presales and Consulting Director, Alukönigstahl 

“Harmony (of steel) between design and facade functionality”


Plenary Session #3

Guests speakers presentations

Ervin Taçi, Co-CEO and Co- Creative Partner MA Studio & Partners, Albania

Designing the Context. He presented the Tirana Olympic Park, which is the Olympic Committee & Sport Federations offices Weightlifting & Wrestling Training Center and which has 4 international nominations and 1 international prize. He emphasized a quote by Winston Churchill: “We shape our buildings and afterwards our buildings shape us”. He talked about how important it is to take into account all the variables of contexts when constructing a building. He is known for his innovative and ambitious projects, defying traditional architectural conventions and dimensions. He constantly introduces sustainable and social concepts in his designs and at the same time, tries to achieve a balance between the playful and practical approaches in architecture.

Martin Panovski, Chief Architect, RADiUs architects doo Skopje, North Macedonia

He presented how some of his projects were realized: FC Vardar Training Centre, House of Culture Orhid, House for 2 and Hotel Park. Martin Panovski is the winner of Macedonian Biennale of Architecture 2016 Special award for Pro Credit office building, BIMAS 2012 First prize for City Center Mall – Prilep and BIMAS 2006 First prize for best project 2006 for Skopje Fair Business Center – Skopje.

Technical presentation

Jan REYNDERS, Export Area Manager Vandersanden Vandersanden

Facades Together to Zero – Our promise for the future

Alina ȘEITAN, Head of Application Engineering Henkel România

“Ceresit VISAGE – Architectural concrete appearance for ETICS systems”

Andreea STRUGARU, Marketing Manager/Co-owner Kadra

Access automation solutions for smart and sustainable building and living. How to meet design and energy efficiency demands?Automated access solutions for smart and sustainable buildings.How do we accommodate design demands and the need for energy efficiency?


Opera OMNIA Award Ceremony

The work of architect Gheorghe Hereş was celebrated with the award ceremony of the SHARE OMNIA distinction for noteworthy accomplishments in the fields of architecture, as well as for the role played in developing significant architectural projects throughout their career.

An important part of the activity of architect Gh. Heres was in the pioneering of typical design, in which he realized the series of collective houses with a structure in concrete diaphragms and, above all, the structure in lamellar frames, original and efficient structural systems, with a favorable impact on the interior space, refining a practice that would. should be resumed in a contemporary approach.

The works elaborated in the field of urban planning and territorial development refer to the details of the systematization of some complexes or major traffic arteries, silhouette and volumetric studies for important complexes or arteries, as well as the participation in contests for the systematization of Independţei boulevard as well as the systematization of the Alexandru cel Bun neighborhood . – Iasi, for taking care of the Architects Union award.

Through the silhouette study of the western cornice of the central area of the city of Iasi, he capitalized and highlighted the ensembles and monuments located in this area: the Church of the Three Hierarchs, the Gh. Asachi School, the Roman Catholic Church, the Metropolitan Ensemble. He also contributed to the enhancement of the historical vestiges of the old Royal Courts, the Church of St. Nicolae Domnesc, the Dosoftei House and the Palace of Culture or the Rîpa Galbenă architectural complex in Iasi, he coordinated the projects for the urban rehabilitation of Lăpuşneanu Street with studies to enhance the value of the Banu Church, the Unirii Museum and the Traian Hotel. In 1997, he worked as the head of the restoration project coordinator at the Agapia Monastery Historical Monument Ensemble. The projects for the foreign market were a unique experience: the Annaser Cultural Center – Algiers and the project for the Palace of the Crown Prince of the UAE in Abu-Dhabi.

After the 90s, he mainly dedicated himself to ecclesiastical architecture, which he finds as a form of personal expression, the expression of his deep knowledge of traditional techniques and materials in dozens of new projects, but also church restaurants, especially Catholic ones, the most important work being the Catholic Cathedral in Iași, the Romano-Catholic Theological Institute Iași, the Church of St. Teresa in Iași, as well as a number of social or monastic settlements.

Senior dean of Iași architects, Gheorghe Hereș is a constant presence in the life of the city, with a rich activity carried out in over 60 years of career, working assiduously on his initial projects from the first sketches until their implementation.

Exhibition of Architectural Façade Solutions

2 days exhibition, which explored the design and the performance of next-generation facades and aims to familiarise architects and other decision-makers with high-performance materials and the latest trends in building skin design.

Exhibitors: Șișecam, Zumtobel, Alumil, Proventuss Solutions, Henkel, Aluprof, Equitone, Caparol, Schneider, Wicona, Pfleiderer, Simacek, Hilti, Kadra, Novatex.

SHARE Architects – main figures in Romania

Since 2010, SHARE Architects has welcomed 10205 attendees and 1198 speakers in the 24 editions of the forum in Bucharest. 106 Romanian architectural personalities are members of the SHARE Architects Society, an exclusive group within SHARE Architects network that brings together 603 international architectural leaders from 42 countries. More than 10434 professionals from Romania are registered in the SHARE Architects community.

 SHARE Architects Network – Connecting architects and contractors in Central and South Eastern Europe

SHARE Architects Forums have become, over the past 25 years, an essential networking platform for architects and contractors in Central and South Eastern Europe. SHARE creates an effective platform for knowledge and understanding of the diversity of the architectural phenomenon of the contemporary architecture. Currently, SHARE Architects events take place in 16 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, and the SHARE Architects community counts more than 50,000 members from all over the world.

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