“SHARE Future Projects Awards” were created to bring forward and
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Rado Engineering
as Winner of SHARE Future Projects Awards North Macedonia 2020

Project title: PRISHTINA PARK-ing
Architecture office: archiEDU
as Winner Public Spaces & Offices

Team: Albulena DOLI, Anita MUSA, Bledion BARALIU, Blend MEHMETI, Fidan MUJI, Freskim SYLEJMANI, Korab PERTESHI, Leonit GECI, Rina BROVINA, Sevime KALLABA.
Other collaborators: ALTRADE Holding & iRI

The assignment from the investor and Local Authorities, was to design underground parking with the capacity of 400 parking places, and to redesign completely the park above it! Our approach was to interconnect and link these 2 different areas, and also make them eco-friendly, sustainable and green. Therefore, the underground parking has openings that are visible from the park, and also the main entrance of garage is open, monumental and architectural that brings the greenery of the park underground, as well as light, air circulation and feeling. 30% of underground garage ventilation and light is natural.

Also, human aspect was in the center of design, so the park does not contain only greenery, but also more than 11 different areas for activities, from Pavilion spaces, multifunctional venues – to a skate park, open-air kino etc. Activities were classified in 3 zones – quiet, medium and loud activities, and are suitable for all ages, 0-65+ years. We were very careful on treating spaces, feelings, and communication/interaction within the park itself, and the garage. The greenery was chosen carefully, and is distributed in 3 levels, from 0-30 m height, and are combined in a way to keep green leaves during the 365 days of the year.

Architecture office: FORMIKA PLUS ARCHITECTS
as Jury Mention Public Spaces & Offices

Main author: Marta Ilievska
Team: Marija Grcheva, Marija Trenevska, Monika Shteriova.

These offices are located in one of the oldest Brutalism buildings in Skopje – ZOIL Macedonia, built in the late 70’s, year 1977. There are big efforts and funds invested in this big travertine structure with a lot of windows that contribute for comfortable office space lighting. Our vision was to create comfortable work spaces with different type of functions. This project is about re-organization and extension of existing work offices for IT Company. The existing premise of this building offices are used for technical, professional, administrative or similar activities that do not include dealing with members of the public, except where such dealing is a minor activity (by appointment).

The purpose of this project is to create more common work spaces that include many types of work functions, but as an additional quality to be included is the relaxation area, as well as interactive work area. The premises are designed by creating spaces which will make a comfortable relationship between the private and the public workspaces.

Project title: S Gate
Architecture office: Helena Mojsic Architects
as Winner Hospitality&Interiors & Residential in architecture

Main author: Helena Mojsic Architects & M.Arch. Helena Mojsic
Team: Helena Mojsic Architects
Other collaborators: Luka Radovic, Sara Siljanoska, Ana Popagjinoska

This building is located in the South-East entrance of Skopje. The site is surrounded by crossroads and motorway, so in order to make  connection in every direction the project has fluid geometry. By removing the corners, fluid form enables a transitive connection both with the other structures and surrounding roads. The building is a combination of business and commercial areas with housing. This building abounds with greenery which culminates in a  green rooftop terrace, playgrounds and green space for the residents. It contains unites with different areas and the last three stories have different plans, each one smaller then the previous. The façade is defined by dominant horizontal lines formed by the balconies. The interior spaces on every story are protected by the balconies for providing privacy of the residents.

More projects in shortlist

Project title: URBAN FRAgMEnts
Architecture office: archiEDU

Team: Bledion BARALIU, Blend MEHMETI, Diellza Zogaj, Endrit SADIKU, Freskim SYLEJMANI.

The Municipality of Kamenica, asked to design a main city Boulevard, in the city center, which will serve as the main activity area, focus point and landmark for the whole citizens of the city and villages around it. We approached the assignment through analyzing the historic of the city development, the stages of growth, demographic, geographic and ethnic relations, as well as the main urban and design theories. Based on the human-centered urban planning theories by Jahn Gehl, and architectural critics by Bernad Tschumi, we concepted and designed the Urban Fragments of the city. This lead to the design of a main Boulevard, that is very human-centered, full of green spaces, full of activities, that are decentralized and spread throughout the whole area, not only in the center.

Using the power of 10+ activities/destinations that every city no matter what size it is, should have – we planned 12 different activities, for all people, of different ages, social background, and interests. Another important aspect, was sustainability and efficiency. Therefore, using solar panels (distributed on the roofs of public buildings), we managed to supply 100% of the energy in need for lighting the area. As a conclusion, the Boulevard of Kamenica City, is an interactive area, wreathed with spirit, great experience, history within, legacy, future, activities, that will unite and bring together people of Kamenica, in good, great and bad times.

Project title: NEGORCI MEDICAL & SPA      
Architecture office: Arting

Main author: Antoanela Kuzeska
Other collaborators: Vardan Serafimov (rendering)

Negorci SPA and Wellness is located near Gevgelija in a park area of lush green nature. The area abounds with thermal mineral water and hosts a well-known thermal resort. Our project, as a part of a larger SPA and hotel complex, proposes the construction of a new medical center for rehabilitation, physical therapy, SPA and relax services. The concept of the project was to functionally connect the indoor areas to the beautiful park greenery. This connection is presented by the big transparent windows, the use of natural lighting and the choice of natural materials such as wood and stone. The project follows the configuration of the terrain, keeping the main access on the first floor while the ground floor remains open towards the park with the outdoor pools gradually following the inclination of the slope.

Architecture office: FORMIKA PLUS ARCHITECTS

Main author: Marta Ilievska
Team: Marija Trenevska, Zlatko Lazarovski, Monika Shteriova, Marija Grcheva

Designing a contemporary house in a rural environment has many architectural challenges. It should provide a solid communication between traditional and contemporary architectural values. The constant stress and rush in the contemporary way of life, encourages people to move to the suburban areas around the city in search of solitude and peace in the after-work hours. The possibility of being one with nature and feeling the freedom of open spaces and fresh air is a core strategy while doing the design. The clients are in love with the old stone houses that are found in the villages around the location. They also own their inherited family house close by, which is consisted of a house and a barn and big open terrace where they usually come to spend the free time with friends during the hot summer days.

The house is set at the margins of village Mirkovci, on a small hill, above all other surrounding houses. The views on all four sides are stunning, including mountains, hills and the city of Skopje as a distant spot, mostly visible at night. The clients are sharing common areas (pool, barbeque, leisure area) with two more houses, and it is formed as a small complex. One of the other houses is also designed from us, so the process of getting to know the location has started a while ago. This house should provide all the necessary privacy, considering the surrounding houses, but in the same time to bring the nature and the views as part of the interior.

Project title: Villa Sedloski
Architecture office: Helena Mojsic Architects

Main author: Helena Mojsic Architects & M.Arch. Helena Mojsic
Team: M.Arch. Helena Mojsic & M.Arch. Darko Draganovski
Other collaborators: M.Arch. Darko Draganovski

Villa Sedloski is located near Prilep overlooking the most beautiful location of Markovi Kuli. It is a holiday home for a family. The house is situated in the northeast part of Prilep. It is surrounded by buildings of the same type and beautiful nature. About facades, all four sides have different openings that are designed to take maximum advantage of the exterior and most importantly to be reasonably positioned in terms of interior needs.

The building is designed with basement, ground floor and two floors. In the basement are the pantry and the machine room. The ground floor provides a living room with a dining room, a kitchen and a guest room with a toilet. On the first floor there are three children’s rooms, a living room and two bathrooms. Three terraces are at this level. On the second floor there is a parent bedroom with a bathroom and a gym with shower.

Project title: Twins
Architecture office: Helena Mojsic Architects

Main author: Helena Mojsic Architects & M.Arch. Helena Mojsic
Team: Helena Mojsic Architects & M.Arch. Darko Draganovski
Other collaborators: Luka Radovic, Sara Siljanoska, Ana Popagjinoska

 This building is located in the center of Skopje. The project integrates the residential space with business and commercial areas. Thе housing area contains 85 apartments and the ground floor includes 525 sqm business areas. Тhe ground floor is elevated by 120 centimeters so it provides greater privacy for the apartments on the first floor. The nine-story building consists of apartments from 50 sqm to 100 sqm. The architecture follows a contemporary trend exhibiting a clear and pleasant urban image through the dominant, altering prismatic volumes. One of the main details of the project are alternately positioned frame balconies which give the facade a dynamic effect. The contrast of the volumes is emphasized by using darker colors on the frames of the balconies.

The title of the project: Golden Garden
Architecture office: Helena Mojsic Architects

Main author: Helena Mojsic Architects & M.Arch. Helena Mojsic
Team: Helena Mojsic Architects & M.Arch. Darko Draganovski
Other collaborators: Luka Radovic, Sara Siljanoska, Ana Popagjinoska

This building is located in Kapishtec settlement, near the center of Skopje. It is a residential building with 29 apartments split into five stories. Each story has 5 units, except the loft which is formed by 4 units of bigger apartments. The building consists of apartments from 48 sqm to 86 sqm. The ground floor with the gallery includes 370 sqm business areas.

Each apartment has an open plan dining and living space that is connected with a balcony. Framed balconies dominate the facades with the sliding decorated shutters. This sliding mashrabiyas provide intimacy, serve as sunscreens against overheating, as privacy screens and give a dynamic factor of the building. Therefore the facade is not static, it is constantly changing as each resident can move the masharabiyas as needed. The dynamic effect on the façade is additionally emphasized with alternating colors.

The title of the project: Villa Tilic
Architecture office: Helena Mojsic Architects

Main author: Helena Mojsic Architects & M.Arch. Helena Mojsic
Team: Helena Mojsic Architects & M.Arch. Darko Draganovski
Other collaborators: Luka Radovic, Sara Siljanoska, Ana Popagjinoska

The house is situated in the northern part of the village Mavrovo with a direct view on the lake. The Villa faces North-East which allows the sun to illuminate the interiors. The stone used on the façade is from the local quarry near the village and the wood on the first floor also has local origin. The house has two floors with two possible entrance on both levels. On the ground floor the kitchen and dining room are along with the garage and boiler smith.

Besides them, there is the main bath. The first level, with the living room and two bedrooms, is accessed from the kitchen. The dining room is designed as a two-story room enabling the first floor of the gallery to connect with the ground floor level.

The title of the project: Manas House
Architecture office: Rado Engineering

Main author: Pako Radovanovic
Team: Jasmina Dimova, Stefan Mateski, Gjoko Radovanovic, Arsenija Radovonovic
Other collaborators: Luka Radovic, Sara Siljanoska, Ana Popagjinoska

The idea of the project was to create an energy-efficient luxury house. The main compositional game is in contrast to contents and materials. Manas House is energy efficient with the help of quality insulation, smart-house system, solar collectors and photovoltaic panels. The modern concept of the materialization of the building indicates that the shell of the building, from a passive protective shell, turns into an active energy filter. The composition of the building represents a synergy of well-mixed materials, such as a combination of stone and laminated wood. Such a combination and complexity of the construction completely meets the strict architectural requirements as well as the expectations of the client. With this, we proved that large luxury homes with big windows opening and high ceilings can also be energy efficient.