Meet our Bulgarian Guest Speakers!
Dear Architects,

We are excited to let you know that at SHARE Sofia 2018, will be present Bulgarian architects that will lecture about their last projects.
Sofproekt of Sofia Municipality
Presentation: "Vision for Sofia"
arch. Vladimir POPOV
Founder, Strongil Stroy Ltd
Project: “Portraits of Houses of Our World”
Founder, Agency Design & Architecture AD
Project: "Central Farmers Market of Sofia - Women‘s Market"
arch. Georgi BACHEV 
Founder, Arhis Project
Project: “Observation Point Varna Beach”
arch. Gergana MILUSHEVA
Owner, Cityscape
Project: "Design of supermarkets - unexpected potential." 
arch. Maria BALEVA
Senior Architect and Cofounder, Funkt

arch. Alexander MINCHEV 

Founder, Amproject
Presentation: "Varna Library competition"

arch. Atanas PANOV
Owner, LP Consult

arch. Ivan MUSTAKOV 
Co-founder and Landscape Architect, Landscape Design Studio
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We invite you to an event dedicated to excellence in architecture with multiple opportunities for building strong relationships, information and business.

Thank you in advance for your consideration!

Eusebia Mindirigiu
Head of communication

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