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 "Designing the Profile of the Future Architect"

Which are the directions young architects should invest the most?

„From specialized to culturally driven.
From knowledge and skills to experience and character.
From speculating the rules to an argument for innovation.
From client driven to moderator for common interest.
From visual artist to anthropologist.
From business success to social reward. 
From star to a constellation.” (
arch. Șerban Țigănaș )    
The present radiography is a synthesis of contributions from SHARE Bucharest, and the architects who contributed with a point of view are: Ian Ritchie, Paolo Brescia, Ken Mackay, Miha Desman, Dorin Beu, Dorin Stephen Adam, Marius Miclaus,  Vlad Gaivoronschi, Renato Rizzi, Adrian Spirescu, Mihai Driscu, Radomir Serafimov, Adrian Cancer Zeana, Sergiu Petrea, Martin Hristov and Pako Radovanovici.
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The Most Recent International Awarded Projects at SHARE Tirana 2018, International Architecture Forum

Architects from 10 countries will present their international and awarded projects: Albania, Bulgaria, Italy, Belgium, Romania, Kosovo, Iran, Macedonia, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
SHARE TIRANA 2018 is organized by Proevent Association with 3 major national associations of architects: The Albanian Architects’ Association, the Architects’ Association of Kosovo, the Association of Architects of Macedonia and in partnership with de Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria.

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Architecture, Today. A conversation with RENATO RIZZI for SHARE Bucharest 2017

"Architecture is this indomitable Euridice with whom we are in love, who makes us come back empty handed from the underworld. But this is not true. This experience in and out of the inferno, the fact that we need to cross all culture that is before us and then we come back counts more than everything… When you know the past, you can understand and interpret the present and the future. You become the sum of everything you experienced. So, this is Architecture – and if you are not in love with it…"

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SHARE events are organized by the PRO EVENT, a cultural association that is providing a creative and energetic environment for the promotion of culture, the people who generate it, cultural actions and education, in all its forms, and for the involvement of children and young people in the life of the community.  

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